Triticale Seed

Bunker Spring Triticale

Triticale is a cross of wheat and rye. The breeders developed this species to produce a high yielding, drought tolerant crop on marginal land. The plant characteristics of triticale are great for foliage and feed production under stress. The drought resistance from the rye parentage gives growers an alternative cereal for dry land production.

Fridge Winter Triticale

Spring planted winter triticale is a great source for grazing. It is a biennial crop that can be grazed or left for silage. The productivity and quality of silage crops increase with mixtures of triticale and forage peas.

The intercropping system of spring and winter plant species will increase your forage yields by raising the tonnage on second cut. In early season the spring annual crops dominate initial growth and are the majority of forage on first cut. The quick re-growth of winter triticale competes for space and becomes the dominant species in the field. This plants aggressive regrowth is the major contributor to the higher total forage tonnage on second cut.

Left over winter, the winter triticale vernalizes and head out the following year. If left for grain production after grazing, you should expect slightly lower yields. 

Triticale Prices

If interested in buying, please contact us for spring triticale and winter triticale seed prices and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the price per bushel.