Faba Bean 

Faba beans are becoming more popular on the prairies as a high yielding pulse with great protein content. Faba beans yield between 60 – 90 bushel / acre. The zero tannin variety Snowbird is great to use as a feed source for cattle.

Snowbird Faba Bean

Faba Bean Prices

If interested in buying, please contact us for faba bean seed prices and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the price per bushel.

Fababean FAQ

Are fababeans and soybeans the same?

Faba beans and soybeans are both legumes and fix atmospheric nitrogen.

  • Faba beans are a broad bean produced for human consumption.
  • Soybeans are produced to be crushed for its oil content.

How long does it take for fababeans to germinate?

Faba beans require their weight in moisture to germinate so if soil moisture is adequate typical germination rates are 10-14 days.