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John and Bill Trawin working the land with an old tractor

Trawin Farms Ltd. was formed in 1946 by Arthur Trawin and his two sons John and William. The pedigreed seed production industry was an emerging new market. Dedicated and passionate about farming, these three devised a plan to start a pedigreed seed production and seed cleaning facility that would meet the industries demand.


Trawin Seeds Original Cleaning Plant built by John Trawin

In 1959 the Trawin Seeds division was formed. The completion of the seed plant with its various milling equipment allowed the company to properly process a variety of forages, cereals and legumes to a quality standard above regulatory level.


Pro-Cert Canada Organic Label

Organic Certification


Trawin Seeds storage shed for farm equipment

A modern storage shed was built 2 years after the collapse of an older shed due to heavy snowfall.


Trawin Seeds Grain Storage & Packaging Warehouse

A warehouse and packaging facility was built through renovations and extensions to the original office. The building was designed with a cantilever to attach to the packaging line building.


Trawin Seeds 100 ft scale for weight grain trucks

A 100 ft ground scale was built to improve loading efficiency due to modern agriculture’s demand for super B semis sized loads.


Trawin Seeds new office located in the front entrance

The office was relocated to the front of the yard to give our valuable customers a warmer welcoming. It was constructed through renovations to a 6 car garage.


Trawin Seeds double lane front entrance

An additional entrance was made to improve traffic flow for trucks ands farm machinery while also providing a pleasant aesthetic for our customers.


In 2019, built a seed processing facility to improve our seed quality and offerings for customers.

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