Flax Seed

CDC Sorrel Flax

CDC Sorrel is a flax variety with good yield potential and resistance to flax rust. Possess similar yield to CDC Bethune with a higher linolenic acid content.

NEW product label CDC Rowland Flax 

CDC Rowland is a brown seeded flax variety that has a high yield and large seeds. It has very good lodging resistance and late maturity. It has 112% grain yield of CDC Bethune across all zones in the registration trials. It has very large seed size – 6.8g for CDC Rowland vs 5.8g for CDC Bethune in registration trials. It has good resistance to lodging, better than CDC Bethune. 

Yellow Flax

AAC Bright Yellow Flax

AAC Bright is a yellow flax variety that produces a 112% yield potential of AC Nugget with excellent lodging resistance, resistance to flax rust, and higher oil content. 

Flax Prices

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Flax Seed FAQ

How long does it take for flax to grow?

According to the 2018 Sask Seed Guide, the average is 101 days. The check used is CDC Bethune.

Is flax an annual or perennial?

Flax is an annual crop.