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Featured Products

CS Camden Oats

CS Camden Oat

This oat is unbelievable! Short straw, and stands great. The 200 bushel oat crops that we all dream about are possible with this oat. Give it the groceries and watch it perform!

Canola seed

CS2300 RR Canola

Competes with the best canola varieties on the market! If you are looking for a high yielding Roundup Ready Canola with Great Standability, and Blackleg Resistance.

Wheat seeds

AAC Alida Wheat VB

NEW for the 2020 growing season. It is the 1st MR fusarium, semi-dwarf, midge tolerant wheat to hit the market. Excited to see this wheat grow. It has great sprouting resistance which will give it an edge in poor harvest conditions.

What Quality Means to Us

Choosing a new seed variety for your farm is difficult. THERE ARE TOO MANY! That’s it, I said it. New seed varieties are entering the market faster than you can fill your bag full of free swag at the Crop Production Show.


Here at Trawin Seeds we put our hip waders on and trudge through the bog of genetic varieties released each year.


We grow multiple plots from the various genetic companies. And, we choose by variety, not the company, the seed that will perform the best for you.


What quality means to us…… is to offer the purest, highest germinating variety of seed that will perform and produce you a better crop. Farming is about choices…… We are here to act as your seed guide. Thank you for considering Trawin Seeds as your Seed Retailer!

Director, Ashton Trawin, P.Ag


What is pedigreed seed?

Pedigreed seed describes the genetic purity of a plant variety. The plant variety is pure of most off-types and produced with a given set of traits such as:

  • higher yield
  • resistance to disease
  • better standability
  • etc.

The pedigree of a seed variety refers to the level it is at in the breeding process starting with the 1st strain produced by plant breeding. The different classes of pedigree seed, in order, are:

  1. Breeder
  2. Select
  3. Foundation
  4. Registered
  5. Certified 

How much is a bushel of seed?

A bushel is a volume measurement that is equal to 1.244 cubic feet. When determining the price per bushel of seed, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) sets the trade weight for all of the grain bushel weights in Canada.

What is seed depth?

Seed depth is the distance at which the seed is placed below the tip of the seed bed.