Rye Seed

Gazelle Spring Rye

Currently there is only one spring rye variety in Canada. Gazelle spring rye was developed by the Department of Crop Science, University of Saskatchewan. Spring rye seed is smaller than fall rye seed. Seeding rates for spring rye generally fall between 90-105 lb. per acre. This rate is calculated by targeting 30 plants per square ft..

  • Yield 70 bushel / acre
  • Fair for lodging
  • Maturity = 105 days
  • High fall numbers
  • Height = 140 cm

AC® Hazelt Fall Rye

Fall rye performs well on sandy, erosion prone soils. Its tolerance to drought gives it an advantage over other cereals when moisture is limited. It is used primarily as a grazing crop through the spring and summer, followed by a grain harvest the second year. The grain yield is reduced, but the utility of the crop increased.

Rye Prices

If interested in buying, please contact us for spring rye and fall rye seed prices and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the price per bushel.