Oat Seed

Milling Oat

The milling oat varieties that we supply are chosen based on yield, disease and agronomics. All milling oats we supply are white hulled to meet both the milling and pony oat markets. These varieties are accepted and meet the millers’ requirements.

CDC Endure Oat – NEW

CDC Endure is a early maturing milling oat variety with a very high yield potential, excellent lodging resistance, and great milling quality.

CDC Arborg Oat

CDC Arborg is a milling oat variety with a very good yield potential that matures early, stands strong against lodging, and has great milling qualities.

CS Camden Oat 

CS Camden is great standing short oat with great yield potential. One of the best oats we have ever grown on our farm. Very consistent performance

Feed/Forage Oat

CDC Baler Oat

CDC Baler is a forage oat variety with a higher yield potential than CDC Haymaker, although the technical bulletins say otherwise, this is what we have found in trials. For more details on the trials please contact us. Baler also has a tall height and long season maturity.

CDC Haymaker Oat

CDC Haymaker is a forage oat variety that produces a great yield potential with a tall height, excellent forage quality for improved digestibility, and long season maturity.

Oat Prices

If interested in buying, please contact us for milting and feed oat seed prices and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the price per bushel.

Oat Variety Videos

Oat Seed FAQ

What is the seeding rate of oats?

18-25 plants per square ft is the recommended oat plant population to acquire the best crop yields.



Plants per square ft (range)

1000 Kernel weight (grams)

% of germination Minus 5 – 10%


lb per bushel


Camden Oats







Camden Oats







How deep do you seed oats?

The ideal seeding depth for oat seed is 1.5 inches deep.

How many pounds of oats to plant per acre?

Milling oats are typically seeded between 90-130 lb per acre when targeting 18-25 plants per square ft.

Forage oats are typically seeded between 60-130 lb per acre DEPENDING on the desired outcome and/or IF the crop is blended with other forage species.

Are oats easy to grow?

Yes, oats are generally not difficult to grow. Key things to consider when growing oats:

  • Does your land have issues with high wild oat populations? If yes, then it is not a great location to grow milling oats.
  • Does your farm have the necessary infrastructure to handle the volume of product? Oats are high volume crop.
  • Do you have enough grain storage?
  • Do you have hauling capacity?

How long does it take for oats to germinate?

It takes 7-14 days to germinate oat seed.

Are oats perennial or annual?

Oats are an annual crop.