Products with SeCan Varieties

As a Saskatchewan certified seed grower, we carry a number of SeCan seed varieties. See the varieties below and to find out more click on the product images:

Barley Seed

  • CDC Austenson Feed Barley
  • CDC Copeland Malt Barley
  • CDC Maverick Forage Barley
  • AC Metcalfe Malt Barley

Oat Seed

  • CDC Haymaker Forage Oat
  • AC Morgan Milling Oat

Canola Seed

  • AC® Synergy Polish Canola

Pea Seed

  • CDC Spectrum Yellow Field Pea
  • CDC Jasper Forage Pea

Flax Seed

  • AAC Bright Yellow Flax
  • CDC Glas Brown Flax
  • CDC Sorrel Brown Flax

Rye Seed

  • AC® Hazlet Fall Rye

Grass Seed

  • AC® Armada Meadow Bromegrass
  • AC Goliath Crested Wheatgrass

Wheat Seed

  • AAC Brandon Red Spring Wheat
  • AC Andrew Soft White Wheat

Contact Information

You can contact SeCan by their Western office or by one of their provincial representatives.

519 Bayview Terr

Saskatoon, SK S7V 1B6


Phone: +1-306-931-2298




Marketing Representatives

Check out the SeCan Contact SeCan page for the updated list.

Brad Pinkerton

Brad Pinkerton

Manitoba Marketing Representative

 Telephone: +1-204-388-5554

Cell: +1-204-792-1880



Wes Woods

Wes Woods

Saskatchewan Marketing Representative

Telephone: +1-306-931-2298

Cell: +1-306-220-5199



Trent Whiting

Trent Whiting

Alberta & British Columbia Marketing Representative

Cell: +1-780-887-3639